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  POLICY 批 发 须 知


★ About Minimum Order Quantity
1) First purchasing order should be 10pcs at least( it is welcome to have 1pcs for every style, color or size)
2) Regular customer should order 5pcs at least.

★ About prepare goods
1) We will prepare goods in the next 1-2 days after receipt of the payment. As a frequent update products, a few goods maybe absent sometimes , customers may pay the balance for other styles or ask for a refund to your account or settle it with us next time.
2) When some color or size is absent,we can substitute it with an other color or size of the same style usually, if you don't accept substitutes of the same style but different color, please indicate that other colors are not accepted. (all the substitute colors are highly marketable )
3) If you left some balance in your account, it can as a credit for your next order, we will prepare or reserve the products you ordered in advance before your next payment.But once the order get ready, you can't change or cancel it, or else we will consider you give up your credit(balance) in our web.

★ About shipment
1) It takes 1-2 days to send the goods to domestic big cities and about 3 days to the medium and small cities (the time is for your reference)
2) We supply the international customers with : EMS, DHL, UPS, 4PX, DPEX, We will estimate the shipping rate afte you submit your order according to the weight , and send the invoice together with the payment of the products.
3) Please inform us the way of shipment, whether insurance or not

★ Quality and replacement
1) Considering the expensive cost of freight,no refund or exchange support for international customers currently.
2) Please check the quality of the goods when you receive them. If you have any objection of the quality, please feedback to us for replacement or be settled by consultation in 2 days. It will not be entertained when it is overdue.
3) Never washed, never man-made sabotage, keep original package and complete fittings of the returned good.The charge will be bear on the shipper. Never accept any payment colletion!
4)The pictures of the products on our website , the colors may look different due to different screens and sunlight, please subject to the actual products themselves!

★ About Payment

1) For National customer: We accept the payment methods as belows: 1.Payment through the bank 2.Payment by Alipay.
2) For International customer, Western Union and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer ) is accepted
3) We accepted currency include:CNY , USD, HKD.


★ 关于起订量
1) 首次进货,批发总件数10件起,款式不限、可混拿(每款、每色、每码,可以只要一件!)
2) 老客户(第二次进货)补货满5件起批。

★ 关于配货
1) 款到后排单配货,一般1-2个工作日。可能会有配货不齐,余钱可换可退或留下次结算。
2) 如有缺货不接受同款其他颜色补上的,请需在订单中注明不变色。(配色都是热销主色)。
3) 当你在我们网站有一定余额时,可以做为下一个订单的定金,这样在下一次付款前,就可以预先给此订单配货或者预留货物,货物配好之后,不能再修改或者取消订单,否则,我们将扣除你的做为定金的账户余额。

★ 关于运送

★ 关于商品退换
3)对于退换的商品,不可洗涤,不可人为损坏,须保持包装及原配件完整。 退换货运费根据谁发货谁承担的原则,货物发出方各自承担,不接受任何形式的到付.

★ 关于付款

2.国际付款支持西联汇款(Western Union),电汇(T/T),可接受货币为:人民币、美金、港币,结算价格按汇率折算

友情链接:WesternUnion EMS DHL UPS 商务基地网 支付宝 财付通
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